Air conditioning maintenance knowledge

Many car owners in the winter found that the fuel consumption of the car has increased, they mistook it is caused by warm wind. To this, car expert points out, car air conditioning USES much less fuel when heating than when cooling, the fuel consumption that opens warm air place to increase is very limited.

According to experts, summer we often start air conditioning compressor to refrigeration, and the operation of the compressor needs to rely on fuel to provide energy, so directly cause the increase in fuel consumption; And when winter opens warm wind, do not start air conditioning compressor, the quantity of heat that we feel is the quantity of heat that car engine releases actually, fall in fan action, quantity of heat passes air conditioning outlet to be released inside car, can let car cabin warm rise.

While the rotation of the fan consumes some electricity, which indirectly increases fuel consumption, this is negligible compared to cooling in the summer.

The expert reminds the owner at the same time, the winter also wants to use the air conditioning refrigeration mode regularly, this is because the car air conditioning refrigeration system if for a long time idle, the moving parts will appear "bite dead" phenomenon, resulting in increased starting resistance, but also can make the shaft seal dry, adhesion and failure, resulting in leakage. Therefore, the automobile air conditioning refrigeration system winter maintenance key point is: every month starts one to two, each time in the driving way opens about 10 minutes, in order to avoid the evaporator, the compressor the significant loss.

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