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Although the car is made of steel and has no flesh and blood, its life span and physical condition are similar to that of people, and it also has a "life cycle". In different periods of the car, its "physical condition" is very different. The life cycle of a car is roughly divided into four phases. In these 4 levels, to the car maintain, repair key to go up also each different, the life phase that the car friend that has a car can be in according to oneself is in takes corresponding "maintain" measure.
The first two years of the car's life are the "peak years," when the car is at its best, the equivalent of youth. This period of people full of passion, ambition, dare to rush dare to do, there is endless, as if not tired. This period of the car is also the same, the car condition is excellent, as long as the regular maintenance, basically no problem, but more than two years of the car will start to replace some of the most vulnerable parts. But some low-quality cars last only about a year. So, manufacturer promises to guarantee only one year, because new car a year won't give what big quality problem basically.
"Fatigue phase" : replace the brake skin
After two to four years of use, the car begins to enter the "fatigue phase." Not as vigorous and energetic as before. This period of the car, the need to regularly replace some parts, to replenish their energy. A few items are listed for reference only:
1, brake leather: the car use two or three years need to replace the new brake leather. When a car is sent for repair, the first thing to check is the brake cover, because the brake cover is the first line of defense for driving safety. As a rule of thumb, brake skid should wear out in about two years, although the exact lifetime depends on the driver's habits. If you're the kind of person who likes to pump a lot of oil and slam on the brakes when the crunch comes, you're bound to get a lot more wear and tear on the brake skin and a shorter life.
2, fuel pump: more than two years into the car, the fuel pump is almost time to clean or replace.
3, shock absorber: the car to three or four years, run may not be as smooth as the new car, in this case, you should check the car's shock absorber. The shock absorber is designed to reduce the vibration of the car. It is part of the suspension system.
"Menopause" : small problems timely repair
With four to six years of car use, it entered the "more years stage". Like people into the "menopause" love to lose his temper, in the "more years" of the car, the point of the problem is a daily occurrence, because many parts of the car are beginning to age, from time to time oil, water leakage, small problems are endless, which requires the owner to deal with it in a timely manner. But this period of the car if the maintenance is good, from the appearance of the "light fresh and smooth", there is a little "old xu niang" flavor. Some savvy car owners take advantage of this time to start changing cars, which can sell for a good price and throw away any problems that may arise.
"Twilight period" : replace wearing parts regularly
After 60 to 10 years of use, the car has entered the "twilight stage". Like sixty or seventy years old people, serious illness three sixty-nine, minor illness every day, worry bad children. And this period of the car is also worried about the broken owners ah, "general strike" is 369, "small strike" is every day. Everything that can be broken has been broken. The only things that are not broken are the parts that have been changed. In this period, you must strengthen the car maintenance, regular replacement of vulnerable parts, from time to time to the maintenance station or maintenance center to check the car condition, before and after the car must do routine inspection, maintenance work.

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